Kintsugi and lacquerware repair

To inherit is to connect.
Inheriting feelings and connecting hearts

Metal joint, silver joint, lacquer joint

This is an age where cheap and convenient things are overflowing, and disposable items are commonplace. If it breaks, throw it away, buy a new one. But haven't “feelings of valuing things” or “attachment due to careful use over a long period of time” been forgotten before you know it? A plate that I have used with great care. A bowl that has been used from generation to generation. A teacup filled with memories. When it's broken or chipped, even if you buy a new one, your memories and attachment won't come back. Kin-tsugi is a traditional technique of restoration with lacquer and gold. Not only will it fix it, but it will also inherit the feelings and history up until now, and it will be a bridge connecting hearts to the future. We accept metal joint repairs. Also, a kit that allows you to experience kinkatsugi at home“Kintsugi Coffret”They are also on sale.

1. Kintsugi

Chips and cracks are glued and filled with natural lacquer, then decorated with gold powder. There are two types of finishes: a “glossy finish,” which uses gold round powder and is polished to a glossy finish, and a “matte finish,” which uses gold powder to give a matte look.

2. Silver joint

Chips and cracks are glued and filled with natural lacquer, then decorated with silver powder. There are two types of finishes: a “glossy finish,” which uses silver round powder and is polished to a glossy finish, and a “matte finish,” which uses silver powder to give a matte look. It will cost less than a gold finish.

3. Lacquer joints

After the chips and cracks are glued and filled with natural lacquer, the final finish is applied with colored lacquer such as black, red, and white. You can choose the color according to the texture, color, and design of the vessel. The basic colors are red, black, and white (beige), but if you would like other colors, please select from the color samples below and let us know your desired color in the “Request” column of the request form. Since no gold or silver powder is used, it is the cheapest finish. Please note that the color samples are reference colors only. The color may vary slightly depending on the type of repair item and the time of request. There are also colors that cannot be achieved with lacquer, such as pure white and pastel colors.

Possible colors
yellow mouth
valve pattern
dark green
light yellow
navy blue

4. Gold joints, silver joints, and lacquer joints on glass

Glass can also be welded together, but glass has poor adhesion compared to ceramics, and strength may not be maintained. Also, there are more cases than ceramics that cannot be repaired due to the extent and shape of the crack or chip. Delivery may also take 3 months or more. Please be aware of this before contacting us.

Reference price example (excluding tax)

We can repair small chips with a depth of about 1 mm to large chips over 1 cm.

*A chip assumes that there are no fragments. (Those with fragments will be “broken,” so please check.)

● Approximately 2 mm square chip 3,850 yen ~
●Approx. 1 cm square chip 6,000 yen ~


If left as is, “cracks” that cause water leaks and cracks will be strengthened and beautifully reinforced using the metal joint technique.

※In the case of a crack, we will repair it slightly longer than what is actually visible. Also, even in the case of a crack, minor cracks in the surrounding area may be repaired additionally. Details will be judged and repaired here, but we will check in advance what is likely to change the finished image drastically or where the price is likely to change.
*Please note that if the crack is deep and rough, or if it contains more than 3/4 of the entire vessel, it may be broken once and then repaired as a crack.

●5 cm crack 4,950 yen ~
●10 cm crack 7,200 yen ~


Even a completely broken item can be repaired if all parts are in place. Even if one part is lost, a metal joint is possible depending on the size and shape.

※The following are reference prices. Please note that prices vary depending on the size, shape, and way the item is broken or chipped. Also, prices vary depending on the type of finish.

●5 cm split 5,650 yen ~
●20cm split 9,000 yen ~

※Combinations such as chip+crack/crack+crack can also be repaired. Request below
After entering the necessary information from the form, we will make an estimate.

The process leading up to the request

Please fill in the required information on the request form, attach a photo of the requested item, and send it.
→We will send you an email with an estimate within 2 weeks.
→Please check the estimate and apply if you agree.
→We will inform you of the bank transfer account, so please pay the repair fee.
→After payment, please bring the repaired item to us or send it to us. (The customer is responsible for shipping costs.)
→Once the repair (approximately 3 months) is completed, we will contact you by email or phone.
→Delivery completed (Delivery will be sent or at the store.)

Please refer to the following shooting examples when attaching photos

Shooting example:
1. Overall picture
2. chipped
3. crack
4. Crack
  • I would appreciate it if you could include a ruler when taking a picture of the whole thing.

  • If it's broken into multiple pieces, take a photo where you can roughly understand the original shape by putting together a few fragments.

  • If there are no debris, it would be helpful if you could apply a ruler to that part and take a picture.

  • As for cracks, there are often thin cracks that you can't tell just by looking at them at first glance, so after checking the actual item here, they are slightly longer than the cracks that can be seen, and additional cracks may also be repaired. If the finished image is likely to change drastically or if the price is likely to change, we may check and quote again. Please be aware.

  • For hygiene purposes, it would be helpful if you could wash the dishes cleanly. We have also checked here, but mold occurs in a short time, such as in summer, so we ask for your cooperation.

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Lacquerware repair

Starting with bowls and plates, we can also repair and repaint lacquered products such as heavy boxes, furniture, Buddhist altars, and Buddhist altar fittings.
For these inquiries, please contact us by phone or email.


Q. Can glass be repaired?

Repairs are possible, but glass may not be able to be repaired depending on the size and shape because lacquer does not stick well. Also, we do not accept adhesives with synthetic adhesives such as epoxy resins. We will only restore it with natural lacquer. It takes more time than pottery.

Q. Can I use a microwave or dishwasher after welding?

Please note that silver-sewn dishes cannot be heated in a microwave or used in a dishwasher.

Q. Are there any fittings or things that cannot be fixed?

It's not that they can't be glued together, but things that are used on an open fire, such as earthenware pots, are not recommended. Gold and silver may also spark due to heat. However, the repair itself is possible. For example, if you want to use it as a flower vase or cooking bowl, etc., there is no problem if you don't use it on an open flame.

Q. It's not an expensive vessel, but can it be joined together?

Of course it's possible. Regardless of the price of the vessel, it is possible to repair a vessel that you have cherished feelings for. Also, it is possible to attach gold regardless of Western vessels or Japanese vessels.

Q. I want to do my own financial splicing.

There is a kinkazugi trial kit “Kintsugi Coffret” sold by our company.hereYou can buy it now, so please take a look.

Please also check the videos that anyone can watch before purchasing.
Q. Why is it taking so long to complete?

Natural lacquer takes time to cure, and it takes time to proceed to the next process. Also, the strength of lacquer increases when it is dried slowly, so we have set a longer period of time.