Urushi has no shape.
Its power is demonstrated only by applying it to something.

There were times when I felt inferior to those who make things that have a form.
But because it has no form, it can create its own value through relationships with people, things and culture.
I began to feel the infinite possibilities of such urushi.

We started to deliver made-to-order products so that more people
can discover new applications for urushi which were born from our encounters.


Lacquered wooden surfboards made from natural materials teach us our appreciation for natural craftsmanship. This is a piece where you can ride the waves flexibly and quickly, and experience the feeling of being integrated with nature. I want you to play the Earth to your heart's content with this board.

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Lacquer skateboards make the scratches and fading that occur as you ride even more cool and attractive. Also, by applying lacquer to the board, a deeper sheet is finished. You can fully feel the “fun of using.”

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Urushi on iron!? It's a combination you don't usually see, but the lacquered iron body has a sense of transparency and deep color like deep sea, and has an appeal that cannot be replicated with other paints. Urushi also has an anti-rust effect and is water resistant, making it excellent with iron. Let's start riding around the city and run naturally to the fullest.

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Paper, iron, copper, stainless steel, glass, ceramics, shellfish, FRP... By painting, lacquer makes use of its properties, and it can actually be applied to various materials. For products, space design, and lifestyle. Why don't you add lacquer to the shape of your new ideas?

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The function of lacquer

Rust prevention

How to maintain

Since lacquer is a natural material, its condition changes over time. While the depth of expression increases, the functional aspect gradually declines. Please use it while doing maintenance, such as applying lacquer once a year. To slow down deterioration, we recommend storing it in a place away from direct sunlight, rain, or wind.