Reki pigments that reduce brush marks

New Reki Urushi pigments

There are two types of pigments for lacquer: mercury and cadmium inorganic pigments, which have been used for a long time, and organic pigments commonly called lake pigments. Currently, the variety of inorganic pigments is declining, and the use of rake pigments is increasing.

Metallic pigments (inorganic pigments) have a heavy specific gravity, and when mixed with lacquer, they sink in the coating film, so they have a calm color, but conversely, it can be said that the color does not develop well unless the pigment ratio is increased. It also has the characteristic that the brush is relatively difficult to stand out.

On the other hand, rake pigments have a light specific gravity and are less likely to precipitate, so they have the advantage of developing colors even when the pigment ratio is low compared to inorganic pigments. However, we have heard from users that the brush is easy to stand out. Conventional products are also popular because they develop color with a small amount of additives, but in response to customer requests, the “new rake” was developed as a “rake pigment that makes brush marks less likely”.

It was developed as our OEM product with the cooperation of pigment manufacturers, and although it is a rake pigment, the biggest appeal is that the brush is much less noticeable than conventional products. The mixing ratio of rake pigment is generally 30% to 50% by weight compared to lacquer, but of course, the higher the pigment ratio, the more concerned the brush texture. When compared at the same ratio as conventional products, the new rake has far superior fluidity, blends well with the brush, and as a result, the brush is less noticeable. Until now, many users have felt the difference. Please try it once first.

When ordering

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