An attempt to propose new possibilities and values for lacquer.
Through sports adopted as a new sport for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the potential of lacquer as a natural material that is kind to people and the earth, the appeal of lacquer that becomes more delicious as it is used, and cool new forms of lacquer are disseminated.
Lacquer is expensive and difficult to handle. What should I do if I get hurt. It doesn't suit the current lifestyle or style of housing. A project that changes the values of lacquer up until now.


The “URUSHI Alaia” project began with an encounter with Tom Wegner, an Australian environmental activist and woodboard shaper. Using the completed world's first lacquer Alaia as an icon, it appeals to the potential of lacquer as a natural material that is kind to people and the earth.

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The appeal of lacquer becomes deeper as you use it. Scratches from skates are also taken as individuality, and we propose a new way to enjoy lacquer that can be grown in an original way with a feeling similar to jeans and leather products.

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Lacquer on different materials such as iron. A lacquered BMX was created with the cooperation of BMX pro rider and former world champion Uchino Yohei. A promotional video was also shot, and a new proposal for “cool lacquer” was proposed. At the same time, it also conveys the strength of lacquer and its beauty as it ages. They also made bicycles with original lacquered frames, which became a hot topic.

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