From the mountains to the sea. From nature to human hands. From us to the next generation. They are originally supposed to be connected, but they are separated in modern society. There are a lot of such things and things. “FROM TO” is an activity to reconnect the scattered “FROM” and “TO” in a new form.

“From surfing to traditional crafts.” began as a first attempt. From surfing to crafting. Screenings and workshops have been held all over Japan and overseas. I'm sure various “FROM” and “TO” will be born from here. I feel that kind of hope.

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Examples of activities

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What we value

They will stay at the venue as much as possible before and after the event where they come into contact with the people, nature, and crafts of the area they have visited, and interact with the people, nature, and crafts of the area. Go into the ocean, walk in the woods, talk to people, and make things together. New developments are born from encounters in various places, and there is another encounter there.
Among them, I would like to find various “FROM” and “TO”.

Does not throw out garbage

We try not to put out garbage so as not to pollute nature. The event announcement poster is printed on cloth instead of paper, and made into a bag or apron after completion. Have them make a serving plate for the meal with bread. While having the creators cooperate, we will think about ways to keep the earth as clean as possible.

The birth of documentary films

The short film “OCEANTREE ~ The Journey Of Essence ~ Episode.2 in Kyoto” was produced by Ishikawa Kendai and Yagami Takaya, whom I met during the activity. The wooden surfboard “Alaia,” which is the origin of surfing, is made of cedar trees harvested in the mountains of the Keihoku area of Kyoto. Lacquer was applied to the surface and headed to the Sea of Japan with them. By connecting surfing and crafting, we think about a sustainable lifestyle living with nature.

The “Lacquer Surf Project” connecting mountains, towns, and the sea has started

As a new initiative, we will create custom-made lacquered surfboards from craftsmen we have met during our activities so far and trees grown in the mountains in order to pass on hearts that coexist with nature and appreciate it to the next generation. I want many people to experience natural craftsmanship that we love and never stop, and enjoy the importance of nature that we have been trying to move away from. And we will continue to create waves of hope that will lead to the future.

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